Rotary Day at the Boys & Girls Home

11:00 am      Worship service in the Leamon Rogers Memorial Chapel

Featuring Pastor Joe Kennedy

12:00 pm      Lunch and fellowship in the Chapel’s Fellowship Hall

$ 8 per person

1:00 pm        Update on the Boys & Girls Home Campus and Rotary Activities

2:00 pm        Tour Campus and visit Rotary Cottage

For more information and to RSVP contact Hensley Scott at 919.795.8292

Mark your calendar now to participate in these Rotary Boys & Girls Home Activities

June 4 – Old Dominion Rotary Golf Tournament, MidPines Golf Club, Pinehurst

July 2018 – Boys & Girls Home Summer Enrichment Program

Three Ways to Meet the Rotary Tree Planting Challenge

Are you wondering how your Club will plant a tree for every member?  The key is flexibility.  A mix and match strategy works best.  Here’s what Clubs find works:

  1. Partner with your city, county, or favorite conservation group to schedule Club-designated tree planting events.
    • Set the dates
    • Make Sign-Up Geniuses
    • Publicize and Plant!
  2. Plant a tree or two in your home garden, place of worship, etc.
  3. Donate to a national or international organization to reforest erosion-prone wastelands and create economic vitality and the associated health and literacy benefits (see ideas below).

Are you wondering where to get trees?  Mix and match!  Partner organizations are already planting trees.  They are looking for volunteers to help plant.  These make fun Club events that the whole family can enjoy.  At the same time, Clubs often want to provide funds to commemorate a person, or show their Club’s support for the community.  Donors come forward when asked.

Do you want to involve your kids and grandkids?  Don’t miss the State Farmer’s Market Tree Seedling Give-Away!  To celebrate Arbor Day they are giving away free tree seedlings, March 17, 2017 from 10 am to 2 pm.  For more information see

What reforestation programs are associated to Rotarians?  There are many, local, national and international. Individuals may wish to support tree planting by making a donation to the Haiti Reforestation Partnership, The Arbor Day Foundation, or any of the other organizations listed at . This year the District 7710 Dominican Republic Global Grant project will be planting trees in the Dominican Republic on Sunday, February 4th.

Count your trees and have fun!

Rotary Club of Roxboro does Business After Hours

At the beginning of this Rotary year, I challenged our Public Relations Committee, chaired by Johnny Whitfield, to increase local awareness of Rotary and to maintain a presence on social media. In September, the committee suggested we host a Business After Hours event in conjunction with the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce to increase awareness and recruit potential new members.  The chamber holds 10-12 Business After Hours events each year, each in cooperation with a local business or industry.  The events draw local business people; our target group for membership.

Our event was held on Thursday, Nov. 16th, at The Gathering Place (where our club normally meets for lunch).  The chamber sent out multiple email invitations to it’s’ members and our club members invited people as well.  We served heavy hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine to a crowd of about 100!!

During the evening, I had the opportunity to address the group with information about our Rotary Club and the positive impact we make in our community.  In addition, guests could view a video slideshow that played continuously throughout the evening and a large display of the paper products we sell during our annual paper drive.  Rotarians wore their name badges and worked the room throughout the night to make sure we greeted guests and gave our elevator speeches.  We are proud to say we had a packed house and came away with several names of potential members with whom we are following up.

We accomplished the event with minimal cost by letting the event serve as our regular weekly meeting and using the money we spent for our normal lunch to pay for the food served at the event.

Rotary Clubs of Cary Gifting Tree

The five Cary Rotary clubs worked together to create a Gifting Tree in a local competition among 20 other organizations. The vote winner will receive $500 to support their charity choice.

(Note: We apologize for not having the December newsletter distributed in time for you to vote for the Cary tree. We applaud the Cary clubs for working together on this project.)

Morrisville Club develops Constitution Project

At the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta, Ed Shearin met Joseph Cofield of the Rotary Club of Naples-Collier.

The club purchased a US Constitution booklet for each 5th grade student in the Morrisville area. They also provided the teachers with a flash drive of resources. They plan their activities around September 17, Constitution Day.

In total they purchased over 300 copies of the Constitution booklet and eight flash drives for the public schools in the Morrisville area.

They are considering submitting a District Grant next year to encourage all clubs in the district to provide copies of the Constitution for the 5th graders in their service area as a step to provide a Constitution to every student in North Carolina.

Turning Wreaths into Snacks for Students

The Rotary Club of Raleigh Parkside recently completed a successful fundraising event in partnership with the Rotary Club of Ashe County, selling wreaths and garlands to raise money for their Snacks@Schools program.

Durham Clubs renovates Durham Mission

Members of Southwest Durham Rotary, the Rotary e-club of District 7710 and other Durham area Rotary clubs came together to spend the day renovating family bedrooms and a family common cialis 20mg room at Urban Ministries in downtown Durham.

The rooms, before renovation, have an industrial feel — cement walls, linoleum floors, fluorescent lighting. They are functional but not particularly homey. Each bedroom suite has four twin bunk beds and a bathroom. The family room is a larger room where residents can hang out, eat, watch TV, kids can play and so forth.

Lotta Love, a non-profit started in the Triangle area by interior designer Charlotta Sjoelin, designs updates for rooms in area shelters. With Charlotta’s design help and the assistance of a district Rotary grant, Rotary members made over these rooms by painting all the walls, adding new bedding and towels, hanging artwork and curtains, and adding rugs, storage and lighting. To the common family room, Rotary painted the walls and installed a new TV, built a large new kitchen table and benches, installed a wall bar with seating, and added a kids play area and some additional seating.

Rotary members also were lucky enough to meet some of the deserving families that live in the rooms that were made over. They were very excited! This was a great project with efforts and money directly helping local community members that allowed Rotary members to put a little sweat equity into the final result. Southwest Durham Rotary and the Rotary e-club hope to do additional work updating rooms at other shelters.

The North Raleigh club is one of the many clubs supporting the Guatemala Literacy Project which is on the verge of doing amazing things for potentially over 10,000 students and teachers in Guatemala.

Rotary International President Ian Riseley call this project “the gold standard” of Rotary projects. Out of 4,000 global grants currently active, this project was selected by The Rotary Foundation for a study on scalability. This means The Rotary Foundation is looking to this project as an example that can be copied by other Rotary Clubs in other countries.

In addition, they have been asked to share their teacher-training materials for the Culture of Reading ProgramTextbook Program, and Computer Centers Program with The Rotary Foundation to aid other Rotarians doing projects in the focus area of Basic Education & Literacy.

South Granville Rotary Club Provides Final Link for School Supplies

In mid-September Creedmoor Mayor Darryl Moss contacted the South Granville Rotary Club seeking help. He had been contacted by Caroline Farmer, Director of the NC Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service about Governor Roy Cooper’s School Supply Drive which ended September 8. State Employees Credit Union (SECU) branches, state government offices and businesses across North Carolina collected school supplies that teachers and students need most throughout the school year. The issue was that although the supplies had been collected in the county, there was no mechanism to get the supplies to the schools. Could we help?

Delighted to participate in a local program supporting education, one of South Granville Rotary’s key areas of emphasis, the club agreed to step in. Members collected the supplies from local State Employee Credit Union offices, sorted them and then delivered them to Shelby Hunt, Principal of the West Oxford Elementary School. Although the quantity was small, Ms. Hunt pointed out that every little bit helps.

South Granville decided to follow through, looking to the great example of the partnership among the Durham Rotary Clubs and Crayons2Calculators which collected almost $170,000 of supplies in their fall Fill That Bus campaign. That program started with less than $5,000 of collections the first year, so the club feels it can help grow the Governor’s program by partnering and expanding the concept.

The need is great, since on average, teachers spend about $500 of their own money on supplies for their classrooms each year, and state funding for school supplies has been cut in half since 2008. In March, Gov. Cooper announced his budget proposal, Common Ground Solutions for North Carolina, which called for a $150 annual supply stipend for all North Carolina public school teachers to help offset the cost of purchasing supplies. The teacher supply stipend was not included in the budget passed by the North Carolina General Assembly.