Three Ways to Meet the Rotary Tree Planting Challenge

Are you wondering how your Club will plant a tree for every member?  The key is flexibility.  A mix and match strategy works best.  Here’s what Clubs find works:

  1. Partner with your city, county, or favorite conservation group to schedule Club-designated tree planting events.
    • Set the dates
    • Make Sign-Up Geniuses
    • Publicize and Plant!
  2. Plant a tree or two in your home garden, place of worship, etc.
  3. Donate to a national or international organization to reforest erosion-prone wastelands and create economic vitality and the associated health and literacy benefits (see ideas below).

Are you wondering where to get trees?  Mix and match!  Partner organizations are already planting trees.  They are looking for volunteers to help plant.  These make fun Club events that the whole family can enjoy.  At the same time, Clubs often want to provide funds to commemorate a person, or show their Club’s support for the community.  Donors come forward when asked.

Do you want to involve your kids and grandkids?  Don’t miss the State Farmer’s Market Tree Seedling Give-Away!  To celebrate Arbor Day they are giving away free tree seedlings, March 17, 2017 from 10 am to 2 pm.  For more information see

What reforestation programs are associated to Rotarians?  There are many, local, national and international. Individuals may wish to support tree planting by making a donation to the Haiti Reforestation Partnership, The Arbor Day Foundation, or any of the other organizations listed at . This year the District 7710 Dominican Republic Global Grant project will be planting trees in the Dominican Republic on Sunday, February 4th.

Count your trees and have fun!

Solarize Uganda NOW

We are off to the races! The Rotary Club of Raleigh Midtown, in partnership with nearly 25% of the clubs in District 7710, the Rotary Club of Nateete-Kampala, and All We Are, have installed solar powered lighting systems to over 5000 students in Uganda.

This is a project that we envisioned, fundraised, and now are implementing together. Our first installation is at the ABC Day and Boarding School Nateete located in Kampala, Uganda. More than 400 students call this school home. This first installation was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Raleigh Midtown and the Rotary Club of Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the updates to come.

One of the installations is in Eastern Uganda which is among the worst performing school districts in the whole country. I had a colleague describe the lack of investment in education in Eastern Uganda today to be identical to 30 years ago when he was a pupil there. He cites one of the biggest shortcomings for students as having to wait for the sun to rise to study, because of the lack of electricity, and then “racing” with the daylight to get classes concluded before the sun sets.

Here is a wonderful video of one of the installations.

Environmental Sustainability will be Rotary Emphasis in 2017-18

Incoming Rotary International President Ian Riseley is challenging clubs to make a positive environmental impact in the new Rotary year by planting trees. He would like one tree planted for every Rotarian. That will be over One Million trees.

Every club is being asked to name an Environmental Sustainability contact. They will get ideas and resource information from our District Environmental Sustainability Chair:

Melissa Mills