Zimbabwe Eye Project

Over the last two years, Keith Holshausen of the Morrisville Club has been planning a project to provide eye care to the people of Zimbabwe. This project in coordination with the Rotary Clubs of Bulawayo South and Victoria Falls received a Global Gant from The Rotary Foundation.


The two week project took two and a half years to plan and implement. An eight member team was involved including HCP ophthalmologists Dr. Huck Holz and Dr. Eric Hansen.

Project Achievements

  1. Supplied Vitamin A for 28,500 children in Mat North to combat Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) which causes childhood blindness. Provided a one year supply for all children under the age of five.
  2. 300 cataract surgical packs with lenses imported. Two surgeons completed 68 cataract surgeries at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo and 40 surgeries in Victoria Falls Hospital in just two days. TOTAL 108 cataract surgeries completed.
  3. Five outlying clinics visited in Mat North with approx 551 patients, followed by two day clinics at VFH for approx 280 patients. TOTAL 831 patients seen and glasses dispensed (285 prescription glasses + 369 readers).
  4. Training sessions hosted in two Bulawayo hospitals for Zimbabwe medical personnel. Zimbabwe ophthalmologist Dr Gilbert Moyo also trained alongside the HCP surgeons during the cataract surgeries.
  5. Glasses (4,000 pairs) and cataract surgical packs and lenses (200) stored in Victoria Falls ready for a return visit.

Special thanks to our many supporters including Rotary Clubs and members, Gorges Lodge, Hwange Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Wild Horizons, Victoria Falls Hotel, Mater Dei Hospital, Ministry of Health, Wild4Life, Children in the Wilderness, BonisAir Helicopters, Elephant Camp, Environment Africa and the numerous other wonderful people who all contributed in amazing ways.

Daily reports and videos/pictures were posted to www.facebook.com/lazylizardtravel

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