Our Global Scholar in Mexico

The past month I have been fairly busy with my studies! Since my last report, I successfully completed my first one-month intensive class, and began another one! My new class is centered on gender and other inequalities in the southern border region of Mexico. My new class is project-based and focused on the subject of my research project: HIV/AIDS prevention among indigenous youth. I have been enjoying having three professors to advise me and guide my learning in this class, as well as the collaboration that comes with the projects they assign us.

Outside of class, I have gotten the chance to travel to indigenous communities that lie not too far from the city of San Cristóbal. For example, I was honored to attend the wedding of a friend of mine in a nearby indigenous community called San Andres Larrainzar.

Cecilia and I were recently able to join the Rotary club of Chiapa de Corzo (a small town near San Cristóbal) in distributing packages of aid to a local rural community called Barranca Honda, where several people lost their homes in the September 7, 2017 earthquake. I plan to attend another meeting of the Chiapa de Corzo Rotary Club to make a presentation about my scholarship.

I am preparing to begin collecting data for my research project while the ethical review committee evaluates my protocol for approval. Wish me luck that they approve it quickly because I am excited to start my fieldwork!

Hope everything is going well in North Carolina,

Briana Acosta

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