Zimbabwe Eye Project     

Life in Zimbabwe, where more people have HIV than full-time jobs, would hardly be recognizable to many in the towns and suburbs of North Carolina Rotary District 7710.

But the Morrisville Rotary Club is trying to connect the two. A former native of Zimbabwe, Keith Holshausen is spearheading the Morrisville Rotary Club’s push to raise money for a medical project that serves the impoverished country in southern Africa.

“Those people are very marginalized,” Holshausen said. “So if we don’t help them, who will?”

The Morrisville Rotary Club is partnering with the Rotary Club of Victoria Falls, where Holshausen has contacts from his travel business.

The clubs hope to raise funding in time for the Zimbabwe Eye Project trip, in July 2015.

“We’re expecting to see 1,000 to 2,000 patients,” Holshausen said. “It’s quite a substantial project.”

The team of six will include five doctors from the USA. Volunteers will assist as they dispense thousands of pairs of donated glasses and give vitamin A supplements to children.

“There are tremendous vitamin A deficiencies (VAD) there, and the children get corneal scars and go blind,” Holshausen said which is a humanitarian concern with a huge socioeconomic impact too.

The high education rate in Zimbabwe does give him hope, he said, for another goal of the medical project – to train local doctors and nurses so the country’s medical needs aren’t as reliant on Western charity and the project can meet Rotary’s goals of sustainability.

Zimbabwe Eye Project: OBJECTIVES

  • To work towards eradication of diseases, such as preventable blindness, that devastates families
  • To partner with Zimbabwean doctors and nurses in the training of medical personnel to improve the treatment of eye diseases and to provide basic training for the dispensing of eye glasses.

To learn more about the Morrisville Rotary Club go to www.morrisville.rotary-clubs.org or email Rotarian Keith Holshausen at keith@lazylizardtravel.com  (Credit to Cary News for extracts from a recent interview).

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