World’s Greatest Meal

The concept of the “World’s Greatest Meal” is to hold an event where all or a portion of the meal goes towards the EndPolioNow campaign.

Over the past three years, over 3,000 events have been held involving over 170,000 people in 72 countries. They have raised over $2 million, which when matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation means $6.5 million is going towards ending Polio.

Scott Rossi, Cary-Kildaire Club assists this group by recording all the events and the money raised.

Susanne Rea, an Australian Rotarian, who was afflicted with Polio as a child organized and Mukesh Mulhotra,,a Rotarian from Britain, established the World’s Greatest Meal.

Using the power of Facebook they encouraged groups to have a meal and donate the proceeds to Polio. Some have a frugal meal and donate what they were going to pay for a full meal. The smallest donation was $14 and the largest at a gala event in Brazil was $67,000.

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