Vocational Training Team

A Vocational Training Team (VTT) to address Early Childhood Education (ages birth to 5 years) is in the formative stages. Team members will travel to Brazil in February 2016 and spend time with their peers in Brazil, sharing ideas and best practices. All expenses for the team will be funded through a Global Grant supported by clubs in District 7710 and District 4510.

Brazil’s Constitution (1988) recognized children’s right to receive ECE and the country’s obligation to ensure access to it. Brazil has been challenged to meet this obligation and we feel their successes and failures would be of benefit to US efforts in this area. The intent of the team is to learn and grow from The team will be made up of fifteen professionals in three main areas of focus:

  1. Policy – politicians, policy makers or implementers, or business leaders who have an interest in
  2. Health – professionals in the Healthcare fields such as Medical, Child Development, Social, Emotional or Mental Health, Nutrition/Obesity, Abuse prevention.
  3. Education – Literacy, Reading, Language, or Cognitive Development, School Administrators (public and private or urban or rural schools)

This VTT desires to learn in an integrated approach to ECE. It is hoped that bringing this team together in the US would unite several independent efforts into one with a common theme and purpose. We wish to present our unified efforts in Brazil and ask “what experiences do you have in Brazil to assist us?” One element of the VTT we hope to share with Brazil is our method of recognizing needs and matching resources to address those needs. We hope to demonstrate how we bridge the gap between urban and rural population centers and show how we strengthen the family and provide family support.

The VTT hopes to continue the coordination upon our return to the US and apply what we learned to affect positive change in the US and remain in contact with our Brazilian counterparts for information sharing and future joint opportunities.

We are very early in the process, if you know of anyone who may be a good fit for this effort we are certainly interested in having them apply. The application forms will be available very soon. We hope to have the team selected by the end of June 2015.

The VTT is chaired by Todd Taylor, Durham Rotary Club’s Vice President from Duke Corporate Education, bringing a business and educational interest and focus along with Laura Benson with Durham Partnership for Children, Darrella Cavenaugh and Lynne Carpenter (experienced with the Brazilian VTT effort around Alzheimer’s research) round out the leadership of the Brazilian VTT on Early Childhood Education. The effort is exciting as we think about positively affecting the future.

For more information: contact Todd Taylor, Durham Rotary Club at 919-649-5568 or via email at Todd.Taylor@dukece.com.