Be a Difference Maker

Be a Difference Maker

This year, District Governor Shafi Parekh has issued a challenge to all Rotarians to be a Difference Maker. He encourages members to:

  • Bringing in a new member
  • Contributing at least $10 a month to The Rotary Foundation, through Rotary Direct on Rotary Club Central in My Rotary by going to, and
  • Participating in a Training Meeting


Clubs making a Difference

Here is the criteria for your Club to qualify for this year’s District Governor recognition:

  1. Have a net increase of at least one member from an under-represented demographic.
  2. Club participates in a literacy or poverty alleviation project
  3. Club collaborates in a project with at least one other Rotary club
  4. Club members receive the Governor’s “Be a Difference Maker”:
  • 20% for small club (clubs with less than 30 members)
  • 15% for medium club (clubs with 30-59 members)
  • 10% for large clubs (clubs with 60+ members)

And, to get a Club Recognition with Distinction. In addition to the above, participation at the All Clubs’ Conference of:

  • 20% for small club
  • 15% for medium clubs
  • 10% for large club
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