District 7710 Best Club

One of the most prestigious awards in the District is being awarded the Best Club in the District. This year the honor went to the Research Triangle Park club.

Over the past year, under the leadership of President Andrew Kerr the club has been transformed. Last year, there was consideration of folding the club, but since then the club has seen a 100% increase in enrollment, become very involved in service projects and has become a lot more visible in the community.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Research Triangle Park Club.

12 Things that Transformed the RTP Club

Andrew Kerr shared with those at the Convention the 12 things he attributes to the club’s transformation.

  • Leadership
  • Think Differently
  • Reframed to “Reboot”
  • The Why or The Compelling Vision of the Future
  • Strategic Plan
  • Constant Course Correction
  • Get Great Speakers
  • Membership Process – Attract & Recruit
  • Membership Tiers
  • Change the Meeting
  • Be Seen
  • Be Easy to Find
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