Rebuilding After Harvey

Rex Everhart, from the Clayton Club, and a few of his church friends travelled to Texas next Wednesday to provide relief to a “typically neglected rural community near the Louisiana border”. This offers the members and clubs in our district a special opportunity to “benefit all concerned” by throwing our support behind the extraordinary experience and leadership that Rex brings to disaster relief projects. Rex has done a lot with NC Baptist Men but has been really impressed with the partnerships and potential of Rotary.

For those who don’t know Rex, he sold his business about 10 years ago to do nothing but help less fortunate people. He has been one of our hardest working latrine and playground builders in the Dominican Republic for the last 5 years. When Leigh Hudson went to recruit him for Rotary in 2008, his wife, Carol, informed me that he was in “Belarus building a church for Ukrainian gypsies that lived on a trash pile”.

Rex is a modest Rotarian who is a real “Difference Maker” and continuously demonstrates “Rotarians – Doing Good in the World.”

How You Can Help suffering from these Devastating Hurricane

The District wants to provide an opportunity for individuals to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. This can be done through our Disaster Relief Fund, which qualifies for tax deductions, since it is a 501(c)(3) charity.

Make checks payable to: DISTRICT 7710 CHARITABLE FOUNDATION and write “Texas”, “Florida” or “Caribbean” in the memo line of your check, and mail to:  


517 Grist Valley Lane

Cary, North Carolina 27518

Past District Governor, Rusine MItchell Sinclair with Rotary Districts in the impacted areas to determine the best way to allocate the funds collected.

Your generosity will make a difference for those who have lost so much as a result of these terrible natural disasters.

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