Roxboro Rotarians Bring Cool to Community

On the eve of the hottest weather the District has seen in many months, Roxboro Rotarians found a way to beat the heat.

The club agreed at its July 20 meeting to purchase a load of box fans for distribution to people in the community who don’t have the benefit of air conditioning in their homes. That decision came the day before temperatures topped out in the triple digits.

The next day, club members showed up at Lowe’s Home Improvement, where store managers offered to sell the fans at about 50 percent of their retail cost. That offer really allowed the club to spread its resources even further.

Club members loaded up 30 fans and delivered them to two locations: the Person County Senior Center and the Christian Help Center in Roxboro. Both those agencies already had fan giveaway programs in place, so there was no need to create a new distribution system.

The project is a good reminder that Rotary can be nimble and can respond to needs quickly when the situation arises.

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