Starting with Why – Foundation Update

We had an engaging and inspiring Rotary Foundation Workshop yesterday.  Thank you to all the presenters for doing a great job.  I appreciate all the time and effort each of you put into your presentations.  Thank you PDG Carol Allen, for your attention to detail and your dedication to ensuring that we all had a terrific learning experience.  Most of all, thank you to all who attended and helped us rethink how we look at growing our foundation.

If you were unable to attend the session, you missed an outstanding presentation by Cleve Folger from the Cary Rotary Club.  Click here to watch his video about the Secret Sauce to growing the Rotary Foundation. (77 views) Consider taking the time to watch the video and reflect on WHY you support The Rotary Foundation.

PDG Matthew Kane in his conversation with Paul Harris (played by ADG David Hayden), presented a challenge to our clubs:  Which club among us will be the first to be a 100% Paul Harris Society Club?

As we begin the second century of our foundation, the District 7710 Rotary Peace Fellow Endowment Fund was unveiled.  This endowment when fully achieved will fund the studies of one Rotary Peace Scholar at the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center each year, in perpetuity.

PDG Leigh Hudson encouraged us to join him on the Countdown to Zero.  Your help is essential as we erase this crippling disease from our planet.

We received an update from District Governor, Shafi Parekh.  We learned WHY we are involved in District and Global Grants, WHY we give to the Rotary Endowment, and WHY we support Global Scholarships and the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center.  We even heard from Rotary Peace Fellow Techa Beaumont, from Australia.

As part of our breakout session, we discussed our collective core beliefs for supporting The Rotary Foundation.  Following are the results that were reported by each group:

We support the Annual Fund, because:

  1. We believe in improving the education of our children.
  2. We believe our contributions reach beyond our small community.
  3. We believe giving annually is our way of saying thank you.

Click to watch Thank you for being Champions.

We support the Rotary Endowment, because:

  1. We believe we can make a difference by providing education to individuals around the world.
  2. We believe that we can alleviate and eliminate conflict by supporting the Rotary Peace Centers.
  3. We believe that we can and will eradicate Polio by joining with other partners who trust us.

Click here to watch Do Good With Us.

We support Global Scholarships, because:

  1. We believe that international collaboration and breaking of barriers between different cultures will provide better understanding between individuals.
  2. We believe in developing leaders who understand and develop skills to lead locally and internationally, making a difference.
  3. We believe in providing opportunities for individuals to have an education and experiences to achieve their goals, which they would not have otherwise.

Click here to watch Global Scholar, Briana Acosta, present to the Cary MacGregor Rotary Club (26 views)

We support the Rotary Peace Centers, because:

  1. When you know someone from another location, it broadens your perspective. We believe that with exposure to different cultures at the Peace Centers our scholars will learn ways to reach people from diverse backgrounds.
  2. We are uniquely positioned in having a peace center right in our area. The support of our peace scholars has a multiplier effect reaching thousands in a ripple effect.
  3. There is so much polarization within our nation and our world. The need to learn tools to resolve conflict to make our world less violent.

Click here to watch a Thank You message from the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Fellows.

We are involved in District and Global Grants, because:

  1. We believe in enabling future leaders.
  2. We believe in creating access to basic human rights all over the world.
  3. We believe in collectively investing in sustainability.

Click here to watch a video on how you are Doing Good. (207 views)

We support Polio Plus, because:

  1. We believe that no mother should see her child suffer from this crippling disease.
  2. We believe in investing in peace and infrastructure as a way to cure and prevent disease.
  3. We believe that giving empowers other to give and be great stewards.

Click here to watch a video on Why Zero Matters.

Click here to watch a video on how we are keeping our promise by Dropping to Zero.

Thank you for your annual gifts to The Rotary Foundation that enable us to do good in the world – good that transforms lives in our local communities and around the world.  You are making a difference.

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