Rotary Youth Exchange

Helen Holt chaired a panel of two incoming students and one outgoing student.

Colleen Kane, the Outgoing Student, sponsored by the North Raleigh Club. Her responses to some of the questions gave an insight to the Youth Exchange Program.

“My experience with Youth Exchange started before my own exchange year, because my family hosted three exchange students from Japan, Argentina and Brazil. While I was growing up, and my older brother also went on exchange to Santiago, Chile.

I lived with three Chilean host families, attended Chilean high school, and traveled a lot with the other exchange students. I visited the Torres del Paine National Park, which was the most spectacular place I think I’ve ever been. I rode a moto-taxi in Paraguay, a boat under the Iguazu falls in Brazil, and a very stubborn horse in the Andes Mountains. I climbed to the top of a volcano in Easter Island and watched a traditional Rapa Nui dance. I visited our old exchange student from Argentina with my brother.

Most importantly for me, I learned that a vast and rich world exists outside of the pressures of high school and college. What’s moving to another city, when you just lived in another hemisphere for a year, immersed in a foreign language and culture?

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